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Investors in Mazovia

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Mazovia has the biggest production potential out of all Polish regions, mainly centered in Warsaw and its surrounding area.

Other important Mazovian economic centres are: Płock, Radom, Siedlce, Ostrołęka and Ciechanów. Almost all main industry branches have developed in the region: chemical (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics production), fuel production (oil refinery in Płock), electrotechnical engineering, mechanical engineering (plants and equipment for industry and agriculture), food industry (fruits and vegetables processing, meat processing, sugar refining, dairy industry, fat production, flour milling, tobacco processing, beer brewing), energy industry (thermal power plants in Kozienice, Warsaw, Ostrołęka, Płock), building materials (ceramic building materials, cement), steel mills (Warszawa), metallurgy (tools, arms), precision mechanics, paper industry, textile industry, clothing production, leather and printing industries.


Mazovia, in spite of generally poor quality soils, is also an important region of agricultural production, especially for fruit and vegetable farming.


The investors starting activities in the Mazovian Voivodeship can obtain financing for one project from several sources at the same time, that including the aid coming from the structural funds of the European Union, from governmental programs and, in case of locating the activities in a special economic zone, also in form of exemption from personal or corporate income tax.


Thanks to the functioning of the Regional Operational Programmes from the so-called “financial perspective 2014-2020”, investors can apply for the state aid intended for: research and development, innovations, investments related to environmental protection, protection of industrial property, trainings and stimulation of science and business cooperation.


The best known form of support for investors are special economic zones (SEZ). The conditions of getting regional assistance are as follows: investing minimum 100 thousand euro with own share amounting to at least 25% and with the commitment to maintain workplaces for at least 5 years. In exchange, the investor obtains property tax exemption implemented locally depending on the capital expenditures and the amount of new workplaces created. The investor may also receive a partial reimbursement of expenses related to equipping new workplaces.


State aid in Mazovia can amount to 40 % of investment expenses and in the Warsaw area up to 30 %. Special regulations apply to companies from the SME sector, in case of which, apart from standard state aid, it is possible to obtain additional 20% of financial support.


In the area of the Mazovian Voivodeship the following zones exist:


Lodz Special Economic Zone


The Lodz Special Economic Zone (Lodz SEZ) has been created on 15 April 1997 under the regulation of the Polish Council of Ministers and will be operating till 31 December 2026. In the KPMG report of 2008, it was the zone rated the highest in Poland by investors. In the same year, Ernst & Young considered the Lodz SEZ the best place in Europe to locate direct foreign investments. The zone is open for small and medium-sized companies, which constitute half of companies which invested there. Till the present day, 272 permits to start economic activities within the Lodz SEZ and its 45 sub-zones have been issued.


The zone occupies 897 ha of land in Mazovia in the area of Warsaw, Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Żyrardów (and it covers 1302 ha overall).


Contact data:


Lodz Special Economic Zone

ul.Tymienieckiego 22/24

90-349 Łódź, Poland

tel. (+48 42) 676 27 53

fax (+48 42) 676 27 54


“Starachowice” Special Economic Zone

The “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone has been created under the regulation of the Polish Council of Ministers of 9 September 1997 and will be operating till 31 December 2026. Within the zone, investors conducting activities on the basis of a permit are eligible to income tax exemption up to 70 % of total expenditures on investment or 70 % of incurred two years’ worth of labor costs. In 2012, the zone was cited among the top 50 zones in the Financial Times’ fDiMagazine report entitled “Free Zones of the Future 2012/2013”.

It includes two sub-zones in the Mazovian Voivodeship: Szydłowiec and Iłża.

The Iłża sub-zone occupies the area of the town and commune of Iłża and covers a continuous area of land of 9.1693 ha in size. The Iłża sub-zone is utilized in 8.48 %.

The Szydłowiec sub-zone is situated in the area of the town and commune of Szydłowiec and consists of four zones of the total area of 9.1065 ha. The area in the subzone offered to investors encompasses grounds with industrial buildings – production halls, warehouses, office buildings – as well as grounds fitted with technical infrastructure but without buildings. The Szydłowiec sub-zone is utilized in 79.64 %.

Contact data

The „Starachowice” Special Economic Zone

ul. Radomska 20

27 -200 Starachowice, Poland

tel. (+48 41)275 41 01

fax (+48 41) 275 41 02



Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone

The Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) has been established on 14 November 1997 under the regulation of the Polish Council of Ministers. Until now, 285 permits for business activity within the zone have been issued.

The total area of the TSEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN in the Mazovian Voivodeship is 322.26 ha (and 1677 ha overall). The Mazovian part of the zone includes 6 out of 21 sub-zones: Radom, Siedlce, Węgrów, Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą, Przasnysz and Mińsk Mazowiecki:

  • Radom sub-zone (151.55 ha) includes:
    • Radom investment zone,
    • Ożarów Mazowiecki investment zone,
    • Pionki investment zone,
    • Wyszków investment zone,
    • Pilawa investment zone,
  • Siedlce sub-zone (60.35 ha),
  • Węgrów sub-zone (29.33 ha),
  • Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą sub-zone (15.13 ha),
  • Przasnysz sub-zone (55.07 ha),
  • Mińsk Mazowiecki sub-zone (5.78 ha).

So far, 285 permits for business activity within the zone have been issued. In the Radom sub-zone, 23 companies have invested, including: „Archer” Radom Arms Factory LLC, Toho Poland sp. z o.o (metal products), Kamel Steel (metal structures), Zbyszko Company sp. z o. o. (soft drinks), Aplisens S.A. (control and measurement instruments), Tenea sp. z o. o.(wind parks and photovoltaic cells), Medicofarma sp. z o. o. (pharmaceuticals), PPHU Supron 3 sp. z o. o. (fire-fighting equipment), Roboplast sp. z o. o. (plastic packaging). In the Siedlce sub-zone, the following companies are operating: Polimex–Mostosal S.A., the producer of steel structures and pallets, Cafri Polska sp. z o. o., the producer of plastic for domestic appliances and TV industry, and ZentisPolska sp. z o. o, the manufacturer of fruit preparations for the food industry.

Two companies are present in the Pionki investment zone. In Ożarów Mazowiecki investment zone, ten companies are operating, including: WB Electronics sp. z o. o. (IT appliances), Sealed Air Polska sp. z o.o. (plastic packaging), Warszawski Dom Handlowy S.A. (stickers), Kwazar Corporation sp. z o.o. (plastics) and Centrum Usług Nowoczesnych sp. z o.o. (drugs and pharmaceuticals). There are three companies active in the Wyszków investment zone: two from the printing industry and one from the waste treatment and storage industry. In the Pilawa investment zone, the company producing synthetic paints is operating. In the Węgrów investment zone, there is Mayenne sp. z o. o., the producer of garden hoses, and in the Mińsk Mazowiecki investment zone - Harper Hygenics S.A prepares for the production of cosmetic and hygiene materials.

Contact data

Industrial Development Agency JSC Branch Office in Tarnobrzeg (Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. oddział w Tarnobrzegu)

ul. Zakładowa 30

39 -400 Tarnobrzeg, Poland

Tel. (+48 15) 822 99 99

fax (+48 15) 823 47 08



Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone


The Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone has been created under the regulation of the Polish Council of Ministers of 9 September 1997 and will be operating till 31 December 2026. The total area of the zone is 1014.9 ha, encompassing 28 sub-zones, five of which are located in the Mazovian Voivodeship and include the following cities: Ciechanów, Ostrołęka (both from October 2007), Mława (from March 2005), Płońsk (from October 2013) and Zakroczym (from June 2014). So far, 71 permits have been issued, on the basis of which 44 companies are conducting their activities within the zone.

There is a plan to create a sub-zone in Płock of the area of approx. 24 ha and situated, i.a., near the oil refinery complex of PKN Orlen. On 27 October 2014, the Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone put under its patronage over 43.1 ha of investment grounds in the area of Plock, which is the first step of the project of creating Płock economic sub-zone, attracting investors to the city and creating new workplaces.

The Płock Town Hall assumes that investment grounds under the patronage of the Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone might be available to investors starting from 2015. This area includes three locations: in the Trzepowo district in the vicinity of the PKN Orlen refinery-cum-petrochemical complex, the area located near the third and final section of the city bypass currently being under construction and the land allocated from the southern part of the airport of Aeroklub Ziemi Mazowieckiej (Mazovian Land Aeroclub).


Contact data


The Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone in Olsztyn

ul. Kasprowicza 1

10-219 Olsztyn, Poland

tel. (+48 89) 535 02 41

fax (+48 89) 535 90 02