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Send Print Download added: Anna Mackiewicz | 2015-03-30 16:22:25
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It is from Mazovia that half of Polish vegetables and as much as 70% of fresh fruits sold abroad come.

In total, the value of export from Mazovia exceeded in 2013 PLN 93 billion. The region is the biggest exporter in Poland of fruits and vegetables which reach markets of EU and of 23 non-Community countries.

The region remains also an important exporter of pork and beef meat as well as poultry. Mazovia, renowned for the Agaricus mushroom export, has among its other specialties, e.g., “jabłko grójeckie” (Grójec apple), sweet peppers from the area of Radom, a Napa cabbage and tomatoes. The voivodeship is also an important producer of milk and its products. Since 25 years, Bakoma, the biggest Polish producer of cheese desserts, yoghurts and milk desserts, has been operating in the region.

It is from Mazovia that the second overall, in the chronological order, regional product registered by the European Commission – “miód kurpiowski” (Kurpie honey) – comes. The corresponding entry appeared in the Official Journal of the European Union on 12 July 2010, as a result of four years of endeavors of Zbigniew Szymański, the president of Kurpiowsko-Mazowiecki Związek Pszczelarzy (Kurpie-Mazovian Union of Bee-keepers) in Ostrołęka. On 5 October 2011, the EU list was enriched with the second Mazovian regional product – “jabłko grójeckie”. In turn, the list of traditional products of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development contains 73 items from Mazovia, out of which as many as 24 are meat products.

Polimex-Mostostal in Siedlce is the company continuing the long Polish tradition of exporting construction and assembly services. In the recent years, the company supplied steel structures to, e.g., Saudi Arabia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Iceland, Qatar, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and United Arab Emirates.

Also smaller Mazovian companies have found their place on foreign markets. An example here can be Almet Kowalstwo Artystyczne (Almet Artistic Metalwork), the company from Mińsk Mazowiecki created in 1982 as a family business. Since 1995, the firm, employing 40 people, has been exporting fences, gratings, railings and entry gates, being sold, e.g., to Azerbaijan, Belgium, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Turkmenistan and the USA.